Wheel Alignment

Christy’s Tyres specialise in electronic wheel balancing & four wheel alignment.
A wheel alignment involves adjusting the angles of the vehicles wheels so that they are parallel to each other and level with the road. When your wheels are correctly aligned your tyres will last longer, you use less fuel and your handling is improved.
The main causes of wheel alignment issues are worn steering & suspension joints and driving on even surfaces.
At [company_name[ wheel alignment angles are measured and adjusted with our specialised laser equipment.
We continually invest in the most up to date diagnostic technology ensuring our customers receive the best service available on the market.
We check your steering and suspension before aligning the wheels ensuring that there are no underlying problems.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

The slightest problem with wheel alignment can take its toll on your tyres.
Regular wheel alignment is good for your car. When your wheels are properly aligned your vehicle is more fuel efficient saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.
Wheel alignment makes driving easier and prevents tyre damage and unnecessary tyre replacement.

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